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Interview with Alan Baxter

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2016 at 10:51 pm

I had a chat this week with fellow shaved-head enthusiast, top bloke and author of (among other things) the Alex Caine Series of dark fantasy novels, Alan Baxter.

The Alex Caine books were first published by HarperVoyager in 2014, but have just been re-released in paperback and e-book with the spanky new covers you see below, and international editions are on their way from Ragnarok Publications, starting with Bound in December this year. I interviewed Alan just ahead of Bound‘s original launch in 2014, so with the re-launch last week – and having now read all three books myself – I thought it timely to follow up.

Bound cover imageObsidian cover imageAbduction cover image

So, Alan, when I interviewed you just before Bound came out, I asked if you squeed like a schoolgirl when you sold the books. We quickly established that (ahem) neither of us squee. Ever. You must have made loud manly noises of excitement to have the re-editions happening in Australia and NZ (what seems like) so quickly, not to mention having US editions starting from the end of the year. Fairly happy with your agent at this point?

My agent is the bomb. Like, multiple megatons of awesome. It’s funny, because it doesn’t seem so quick to me, as it’s been two years since the original release of Bound. But to have all three out now in Aus and NZ with those fantastic new covers, and the US (and rest of the world) release starting in December, it certainly does feel like things are moving along at a decent pace now. It’s all very exciting.

Two years? Crikey. Seems like only yesterday. You’ve put in a lot of work in that time promoting the books all around the country, haven’t you? I know you have a beautifully timed guest of honour spot coming up at the Conflux convention in September. Anything else coming up for the new editions? Are you going to be heading over to launch the US editions next year? Read the rest of this entry »