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My short story collection has a cover, and holy wow!


It’s on the Ticonderoga website with their “new in December 2014” books, but I believe the target publication date is 15 November. Here’s the rest of the cover quotes:

“Ian McHugh has a remarkable ability to render the alien utterly convincing. His nonhuman lives are so powerfully depicted that we can easily, and sometimes uneasily, immerse ourselves completely into their worlds.”

Sheila Williams, editor
Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

“Ian McHugh’s short fiction blends the fantastical and the real to capture an intensity and immediacy of detail that places you right inside the character’s life … and makes you feel the struggles and hopes of that life.”

Scott H. Andrews, editor
Beneath Ceaseless Skies

“Ian McHugh’s inventiveness knows no boundaries — and if he encounters any, he blasts right through them. These furiously original stories will make your heart race and your head spin.”

Mike Allen, editor
Clockwork Phoenix, Mythic Delirium

Also holy wow! Pinching myself.