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..Everything We Know About Storytelling We Learned from The Lord of the Rings: Part I

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The Fellowship of EWKASWLFLOTR: Nine Rules for the Kings of Men
(guest post at on behalf of the CSFG Hivemind)

Earlier in 2014, we had a discussion at CSFG about the storytelling lessons we collectively learned from The Lord of the Rings (both the books and the movies). Parts II and III will follow in due course, but here’s Part I:

I: The One Ring to Rule Them All Rule

Let’s get this one out of the way right up front: for a supervillain to put all of their power into one small and easily misplaced object is really, really, really fucking stupid. What the actual fuck was Sauron thinking? The dude’s effectively the evil Superman and he goes and turns himself into evil Green Lantern instead. It’s such an utterly transparent plot device it’s laughable.

So why does it work?

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