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Another new story out!

In Uncategorized on June 21, 2013 at 11:52 am

My story “The Canal Barge Magician’s Number Nine Daughter” is now available in the Clockwork Phoenix 4 anthology from Amazon and Barnes & Noble ($4.99 for the e-book).

This one started with the title, which elves inserted into my brain one day, apropos of apparently nothing. I thought a title like that, coming out of nowhere, deserved a story to go with it. So far, the anthology has got mostly strong reviews and my story has earned the following comments:

“Adventure in a richly-imagined fantasy world, full of intrigue, cruelty, and magical combat. Most striking is terrifying figure of Aghor, a villain of consummate ruthlessness.” (Locus) -Yay!

“Fantastic piece — I love stories like this. Blood magic is used in cruel and vicious ways in this story and the world building is amazing.” (Just Book Reading) – Yay!

“A dark sword & sorcery tale with an unexpected ending. Definitely recommended.”  (Tangent Online) – Yay!

“There’s nothing particularly wrong with the piece, but I felt it stretched itself thin with weirdness. Or maybe it just stretched me thin. That said, there’s going to be readers who fall in love with the story.” (Dusty On Movies) – Boo! No wait… maybe a bit yay?

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