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Shameless Self-promotion

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2010 at 1:20 am

(And a bit of reciprocal cross-promotion)

Dave Williams has been kind enough to remind the world that I and a few other folks he knows (not to mention his good self) are eligible for the John W Campbell award at Aussiecon 4 this year. (see Voting closes on March 13, so if anyone’s voting but hasn’t made up their minds yet, my qualifying publications (and all the rest, bar one) are available to read online by going to the Stories page of this site.

Also, in the lead up to Aussiecon 4, the folks at ASif! (Australian Spec-fic in focus) have interviewed a whole heap of people involved in the Australian spec-fic scene, including me. The whole range of interviews can be accessed through My interview is at (Pretty cool to be interviewed on the same page as people like Garth Nix, Jack Dann and Damien Broderick)

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